The Entreprise Lafaye

The company Entreprise Lafaye has been founded in 2007 by Stéphane Lafaye, stone mason, after eleven years of working in the guild. This work brought him in Germany for one year as to restore the Dombauhutte Wiesenkirche, and in Egypt for 16 months as to work with the CNRS to rebuild pylon n°9 ok the Temple of Karnak.

To master all stages of the construction or the restoration of buildings, the company recruited in 2008 passioned stone masons.

We train apprentices in the stone cutting and masonry.

In a few years, the company Entreprise Lafaye has proven his reliability by the result of consequent projects : the restoration of an ancient house of Master and public projects (the extension of the town hall of Montagudet and the war memorial for this village).

Our work

Out of massive stone, we create : staircases, chimneys, sinks, ornamentation, engravings, door and window frames, stone arches, etc.

In masonry, we realize : stone walls, carcass work, staircases on "sarrasine" vault (brick and plaster), tradtional coats with lime, geoas, lime-hemp insulation, jointing of frontages, stone pavements, etc.